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released:   2012
WR rating:   200 meters
retail price:    $150 USD
battery:   Storage battery Solar rechargeable battery
battery life:   Approx battery life 10 months on full charge without further exposure to light
alarm:   4 Daily Alarms and 1 Snooze Alarm

User Manual can be found here



Checking out the new tide graph model features G-Shock's large easy-to-read 8900 case shape and is infused with Solar Power and Atomic Timekee
credit: FixItUrselfDummy submitted by: Cuervo182

Alternate Casio model numbers: GWX8900B7 GWX8900B-7JF GWX8900B-7CR GWX8900B-7DR GWX8900B-7ER GWX8900B-7DR GWX8900B7JF GWX8900B7CR GWX8900B7DR GWX8900B7ER GWX8900B7DR
These are all the exact same watch, but they were labeled differently for each market. Packaging might vary between them.

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