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released:   2008
height:   52.3 mm (lug to lug)
width:   45.9 mm
thickness:   14.6 mm
weight:   56 grams
WR rating:   200 meters
module:   3095
battery:   CR2025
battery life:   About 5 years
crystal:   Mineral Crystal
band:   Synthetic leather
alarm:   5 multi function alarms 4 one-time alarms 1 snooze alarm Hourly time signal
timer:   2 timers 1 second to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
other:   28 time zones world time. EL illumination

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Just a pic of my new G-7700BL-1
credit: flatwave     submitted by: flatwave

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Alternate Casio model numbers: G7700BL-1 G-7700BL-1JF G-7700BL-1CR G-7700BL-1DR G-7700BL-1ER G-7700BL-1DR G7700BL-1JF G7700BL-1CR G7700BL-1DR G7700BL-1ER G7700BL-1DR
These are all the exact same watch, but they were labeled differently for each market. Packaging might vary between them.

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